Eucharistic Celebrations

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With Young People

A rose by any other name? A History of Change in the Eucharist
Over the centuries, the Eucharistic celebration has been known by different names. Each of these names helps us understand a different aspect of the theology of the Mass. One of the exercises in this workshop will be particularly helpful for parishes that want to help people understand the standing posture during the communion rite.

History of Change
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Sacrifice Daly


Beyond Words: Part 1
Beyond Words: Part 2
Beyond Words: Part 3
Beyond Words: Part 4

Talk Given to the Clergy of the Archdiocese of Toronto

How do we pray? (Powerpoint and Commentary)
Building on the foundational principle that all prayer is initiated by God, this pair of resources is designed to help people understand what’s unique about liturgical prayer and devotional prayer, and how to avoid confusing the two. The Commentary provides helpful presenter’s notes to accompany the Powerpoint. Questions for discussion form part of the Powerpoint.

How do we pray

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